Underrated Holiday Decor

If you’re anything like me, you are ready to bring out the Christmas decorations mere hours after eating Thanksgiving turkey. The excitement for Christmas is too much and let’s face it, there’s a reason it’s called the most wonderful time of the year. 

In an effort to one day decorate my house in a way that would put Martha Stewart to shame, I try to add to my collection of ornaments, lights, and other little random decorations each year (usually by shopping for them after Christmas when everything is on sale). In my hunt to find a good bargain, I keep a keen eye out for sales on my favorite form of holiday decor: wrapping paper!

Oh, Papersource- you make it so hard to decide!

Many may not consider wrapping paper to be decor, but I would argue otherwise. Wrapped gifts sit under the tree for a majority of the holiday season, they appear in all pictures taken of the tree, and they are probably the most looked at decoration (everyone sneaks glances at the gifts under the tree in an attempt to see which one is for them). For these reasons, I put care and effort into choosing a wrapping paper “theme,” if you will, for each Christmas season. This never means wrapping every gift with the exact same paper, print, or color, but rather selecting a few colors and prints that work together and go from there. This year I decided to get extra fancy with the garnish by thinking beyond the ribbon. In other words, I didn’t let the ribbon tie me down (see what I did there…wink, wink).

Kraft paper (plain and striped), one sheet of specialty printed paper, a variety of ribbons, tags, bells, fake red berries, and crinkle cut filling. FUN!

For me, wrapping presents is relaxing. I turn on one of those ABC Family or Lifetime original Christmas movies and just let the mediocre actors and predictable, gap-filled plot line take me away: Wait? She is a CEO at some major company and her obsession with her job prohibits her from feeling the holiday spirit, and then all of a sudden she connects with her estranged father who is actually Santa Claus and has been pretending to be a custodian at her office the whole time?!?!….Works for me!!!


While I still have a few more things to wrap, I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out. It’s not just about the decoration on the tree, but the decoration under the tree.


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