Sunshine on a Cloudy Dresser


You know your interests have changed when someone asks what you want for your birthday, and you respond, “Chalk paint or a gift card to Home Depot.” You can imagine my excitement then when on my doorstep was a box with four cans of chalk paint from my wonderful sister, Ashly. Almost immediately I found a wonderfully hideous, but solidly-built dresser for $30 and went to work.


Chalk Paint

I’m fairly new to chalk paint, but it’s safe to say that I am already obsessed. No stripping, priming or sanding needed- just paint it on, let it dry, and protect it with a finishing wax. It turns “weekend projects” into “a couple hours” projects, and the end result still looks great.

The go-to brand in the Pinterest universe seems to be Annie Sloan chalk paint, and according to online reviews, this stuff is well worth the price. However, as I am just beginning my adventure with chalk paint, I directed my sister to a brand called Americana Decor; it still has great reviews but also costs a little less. After all, flipping furniture should be a money-saving (or in my case money-making) strategy. Home Depot actually carries Americana Decor, and the cost is about $9 for 8 oz. Unfortunately, Home Depot does not stock colors beyond white, black, or brown (at least not the one I go to) so instead I buy it (as did my sister) on Amazon (direct link here).


The Process?

Unlike other flips I’ve posted, I have no “during” pictures. Quite frankly, the process is so easy that those pictures are unnecessary. With that said, I do have a few helpful tips:

  1. While no sanding is required (unless to smooth out scratches), make sure to clean any surface you plan to paint on. I just used a wet rag.
  2. The paint dries fast as you work so avoid uneven strokes.
  3. Put on multiple layers until you achieve the color you are going for. I had to put almost six layers on the top drawer just to cover those flowers!
  4. Use a finishing wax (I use Miniwax Paste Finishing Wax). It protects the paint and gives the furniture a smoother texture.
  5. Mix colors! These paints mix really well so get creative!








  1. Looks fab. I’ve partnered up with a lady I was painting with last summer. We make our own chaulk paint as it is much cheaper. Home depot here carries a few more colours and quite cheap in comparison to Annie Sloane and Cottage Paint. We sometimes use chaulk paint for first coat so the regular paint adheres. Also hate the sanding!!!

  2. Glad you liked the yellow!! I thought it would be a cute color on small night stand or dresser. Looks great!

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