My Six Fears About Blogging

Why I waited until now to blog…

The idea of starting a blog had remained in the back of my mind for a while, but several personal fears inhibited the idea from ever coming forward. These fears are as followed:

1). What if I have nothing to say?

2). What if my family and friends write it off as “just another trendy thing she’s trying”?

3). Do I live in an area that’s exciting enough to provide interesting content?

4). What if no one reads my posts?

5). Why does blogging seem so stressful?

6). What if people do read the blog only to leave hurtful comments?

Contemplating these fears on my commute to and from work over the past couple of months allowed me to realize important lessons, not only for this blog, but as a way to lead my life.

1). What if I have nothing to say? This is the very fear that silences too many people. What I have to say may not always be enlightening, life-changing, or eye-opening. Sometimes it might be relatable, and other times it may be more personal. In either scenario, if I am choosing to share it, my hope is that you will enjoy it. I cannot let the fear of writing something “boring” stop me.

2). What if my family and friends write this off as “just another trendy thing she’s trying”? Perhaps one of my biggest fears is not how just any reader will perceive my blogging efforts, but rather how my family and friends will. It is their opinions that matter most to me. I think deep down I know that they will be supportive and that this fear is irrational.

3).Do I live in an area that’s exciting enough to provide interesting content? A part of me always thinks that because I do not live in a huge metropolitan city or next to an incredibly serene, scenic mountain, it means I live in a place that does not offer much. As a self-admitted idealist, when I picture the lifestyle of an exciting lifestyle blogger, my mind immediatly goes to the likes of a fashionista in New York City or a nature-loving, granola-munching hiker in Boulder. How could I possibly compete while living in Virginia Beach? Let me begin my answer by saying that over the past four years of living here, my opinion on this matter has changed drastically. I think it always takes a bit of time to see a place as “home” and the more I accepted this, the more I began to open my eyes to the endless possibilities Virginia Beach and its surrounding areas offer. I now realize this fear is nonexistent.

4). What if no one reads my posts? I use to think there was nothing worse than putting time and effort into something, only to have it go unnoticed. However, with each passing year, I now believe that what’s worse than the prior is allowing that fear to inhibit a person from trying at all. The way I see it, this could go one of three ways: it could a be venture that I love and that others appreciate; it could be a venture I love and that others don’t acknowledge; or it can be a venture that I simply do not love. In any scenario, it is venture I look forward to; life is too short not to try.

5).Why does blogging seem so stressful? Even as a hobby, it is my understanding that blogging can be stressful. The blogger has to hold himself/herself accountable by creating deadlines that allow consistent posts, maintaining communication with readers, writing, taking photos, revising, editing- the works! I worry that my full-time job and current responsibilities will not allow me to be successful in this blog-universe. Then I calculated the amount of hours I put into my Netflix binges last week alone. Yeah, I got time.

6).What if people do read the blog only to leave hurtful comments? It always shocks me to see the amount of hate in the comments below random Youtube videos, underneath Facebook posts, directed towards fellow tweeters, and from Instagram followers. Social Media is one of the few forms of communication in which you actually have time to think about what you want to say. You can write it, then delete it, rewrite it, and revise it. You can sit on it for hours, even days if needed, before ever publishing it. Still, with this logic, people will continue to write hurtful, hateful, unhelpful things. Like my mama always said, you can’t control what people say, you can only control how you react.

While writing this post was therapeutic, I’d be lying if I said that going forward all of the fears mentioned above have been completely erased. However, there is something utterly intriguing about trying something that scares me. Perhaps most motivating is the fear of regret; I would hate to start this blog five years from now wishing that I would have started five years ago.



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