6 Trends to Leave in 2015 (and 3 to keep into the New Year)

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Christmas is over and the New Year is fast approaching. I must say that I am sad to see 2015 go. With getting married, visiting with family and friends more often than previous years, and finally starting to feel “in the groove” at my job, 2015 has brought many blessings. Still sometimes with the good comes the ugly, and 2015 brought some pretty unfortunate trends that I hope we leave behind. Below is a list of 6 trends/fads that I just couldn’t get on board with this past year.

  1. Achieving the lips of Kylie Jenner: Let me start by saying that I really don’t have an issue with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. When I watch their show, I actually find them funny and likable. However, Kylie Jenner’s lips received way too much attention this year, and it resulted in too many girls shoving their lips into shot glasses and ending up with bruises. If it wasn’t that, it was using liner to overdraw the lip line for an obviously fake pout. Not cute.
  2. Duck face/fish gape/or anything of the sort: Duck face followed us from 2014, and then 2015 brought a second option called fish gape. The face requires that you part your lips slightly while still pouting them. It’s super posed and imagining the selfie-taker staring into her phone’s camera positioning her face makes me cringe. It looks so unnatural. What happened to smiling?
  3. Star Wars: I am definitely in the minority with this one. I just don’t get it. I can barely even comment on it because that’s how much I don’t understand.
  4. Whip and Nae Nae: This song was released June 25th, 2015- two days before my wedding- and I am so grateful that no one knew the song well enough to request it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t bust a move when it came on at other events, but only as an obligation. Should this song carry on into the new year? I say Nae (Nae)!
  5. Pointy Nails: These talons were terrifying! I feel like they had a very threatening, witch-like feel to them. Also, the maintenance must have been very time-consuming. I’m a fan of short nails, both because of their look and their functionality.
  6. Man buns: I saved this one for last because it could ALMOST go on the next list. Almost- if done correctly. I’ve just seen too many man buns gone wrong to support this trend 100%. They just look messy and greasy more often than not, and yet I cannot discount them entirely. I’d say there are two situations in which man buns work: David Beckham….Yep, nope- just David Beckham.

Though I didn’t care for the above, there are a few trends I do hope stick around:

  1. Balayage/Ombre: I know these coloring treatments are not the same as far as process, but the look is similar enough that I’m combining them. I love how this looks on all lengths of hair! It appears so effortless, and lighter colored hair looks more youthful. Also, it took me until December to jump on board with this trend, and I’d really hate to have to ditch my newly colored hair come January.
  2. Chalkboard signs everywhere, for everything: Though schools ditched chalkboards, just about every wedding in 2015 embraced them. Perfect for “Welcome” signs, bar menus, or direction signs, chalkboards adorned with beautiful calligraphy could be found in every corner. They were also found at birthday parties, in homes, outside storefronts- they just work! I feel like I can find any reason to use chalkboard signs.
  3. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: How hilarious is this show? If you can’t answer that, I’m going to assume you haven’t watched it and request that you drop everything you are doing to alleviate this issue. This Netflix orginal series started streaming March 6, 2015, and to this day it holds the spot as one of my most impressive Netflix binges. To be fair, there were only 13 episodes, all of which averaged about 22 minutes in length, but still, I finished the series in record time. I can’t wait for Season 2 to premiere!

What trends do hope get ditched with the New Year? Any you hope stick around?


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  1. Funny, but well said. And, even though I do not know some of the “things to leave behind,” I will indeed leave them behind. 🙂

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