July 2016

Dining Table Do-Over


Kyle and I finally got around to watching a movie I’d been begging to see but missed my chance when it was in theaters. The movie was Krampus starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and David Koechner, and I thought it was FANTASTIC! I even suggested that it become a Christmas Eve tradition for our future family. Forget A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life– those movies are so overdone. Krampus is where it’s at. Kyle didn’t like the idea.

So what does Krampus have to do with a dining table makeover? Nothing and everything. Allow me to explain:

Toni Collette plays the matriarch of the family in charge of ensuring that Christmas Eve dinner goes just as planned. Her house is perfectly decorated for the season and dinner is a spread right out a Good House Keeping magazine. At one point, a dinner guest glances around Collette’s home and mumbles the following “rude” remark under her breath: “Ugh, it looks like Martha Stewart threw up in here.”

I’m sorry, but is that supposed to be an insult? I would love if someone felt the urge to utter that in my home. It’s like, “Yes, thank you. My house is perfect.”

Fast forward 70 or so minutes later, the movie is over, Kyle has watched all but moments of it while mostly on his phone, and I am both entertained and fixated on my future “spewed in Martha Stewart’s vomit” house (too much?).

What’s a girl to do?

Replace our current dining table was my answer.

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