June 2016

Banana Oat Muffins- No Sugar, No Flour, No Butter, No Guilt


During my sugar-free month challenge (post about it here), I forced myself to get creative with go-to snacks that complied with my rule of no added sugar. On days when a piece of fruit just wouldn’t cut it, these muffins did the trick. With the texture of cake and the natural sweetness from the banana, it satisfied my craving without breaking any of my rules. Try the recipe for yourself, and let me know what you think!

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Oh Sugar, It’s Over: My Devastating Break Up

It happened so quickly, so suddenly. If I had just turned away from the screen, if I had just said no rather than let my curiosity get the best of me, it could have all been avoided. I felt betrayed, angry, sad, and the one thing I normally turned to for comfort had been the very impetus of my heartbreak. My life had been turned upside down in a whirlwind of confusion and devastation; how could I possibly recover?

Over a month has passed since, and while I’m not sure I’m entirely over it yet, I do feel I am finally ready to share with you…

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