February 2016

Valentine’s Brunch: Cinnamon Rolls from Scratch!


I love Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, flowers, cards, dinner dates, pink everywhere- it’s an all around winning combination. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seem that guys seeĀ the winning side of things. The date planning, reservation making, and flower giving seem to fall on the guy’s shoulders; while I love it, it just doesn’t always seem fair. Plus, this year the holiday is additionally in my favor as there is a Bachelor Special on tonight (titled “The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love” so you know it’s going to be good) featuring the wedding of two Bachelor franchise cast-offs who found love on the ridiculous (but I love it anyway) spin-off show, “Bachelor in Paradise.” It’s a 2-hour segment, and I will be watching the entire thing with Kyle by my side.

To say thank you to him, I decided to wake up early and start the holiday off with one of his favorite breakfasts- cinnamon rolls. Yes, it would have been easy to simply buy the already-prepared cinnamon rolls in the can, bake them for 15 minutes, and call the holiday even. However, I insisted on making them from scratch.

They were delicious (like Cinnabon level), but fair warning, it was close to a 3-hour process. I’m not saying it’s not worth trying, but just make sure you have the time. Below is the recipe! Enjoy!!

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