January 2016

Build It, Don’t Buy It: A Parson Tower Desk

So we built a desk…

I was growing tired of balancing my macbook on my lap while mindlessly watching tv, never truly focusing my attention on the work I was supposed to be doing. To rectify the issue, I came up with the idea to add a little workspace in the corner of our current guest room- a place where I could focus my attention on what I needed to do without distractions. Also, I had just gone on a Pinterest binge looking at cute home office spaces (I ended up creating a whole board for it here).

Through my pins I came across a great tutorial for a Parson Tower Desk at

The only difference between the desk we made and the tutorial I linked (aside from resizing the pieces to fit our space) is the top of the desk. In the tutorial from, it uses one large piece of plywood for the top, which is nice if you plan on painting the desk- which she did. However, because I was stuck on staining it with Minwax Classic Grey, I wanted the grain of the wood that I used for the top to have the good kind of character (not the kind of character reminiscent of a beer pong table). To achieve this without breaking the bank, we bought two 1×4 boards and turned them into four pieces (the length of each piece was 57 inches each, however that will differ depending on the size of desk you are making). We then connected those fours pieces by drilling pocket holes on the bottoms of the boards and Kreg screws.


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Nightstand Niptuck


What a Deal!

A solid wood nightstand for $15?! I haven’t been in this furniture buying business long, but I’d call that bargain! Real wood (not the cheap particle board stuff) is durable, and once it’s stripped down to its original form, the revamping possibilities are endless! I of course scoured Pinterest to find ideas on how to give this little nightstand a makeover.

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Chic Chair Change


Chairs are oddly pricey. I didn’t realize this until I started searching for a single chair to add to the desk we just recently built (post about that coming soon). I went online, and these were some of chairs below that I thought would be perfect until I saw the prices:


Crazy expensive, right?

At least looking online gave me an opportunity to zero in on the style of chair I wanted. I kept gravitating towards the same french provincial style, wicker back chairs with upholstered seats. Despite loving so many of the options I saw, I could never bring myself to spend that much money on a single chair.

I went to Craigslist to see if I could find something similar that was significantly cheaper, even if it meant repainting and reupholstering. Luckily, after shuffling through several pages I found one!

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